I clarify that I can provide any clarification to all authorities with absolute peace of mind,” said the former CEO (Source: Disclosure / Americanas)

Former CEO Sergio Real reacted this Saturday, age 18, to the opening of yet another lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) last night. As part of the administrative process, any violations related to the receipt of riyal fees paid by the retailer between the announcement of his choice as CEO in August 2022 and his actual inauguration in January 2023 will be analyzed.

“I clarify that I am ready to provide any clarification to all authorities with complete peace of mind and I categorically declare that the contract in question signed with Americanas was 100% regular, as was all the work that I did during the four months of its validity, which preceded my inauguration as CEO on Jan. 2,” Rial says in the note.

He also stated that any information relating to the contract should be verified with those responsible for investor relations at the time of the signing of a consulting contract aimed at replacing the CEO who has led Americanas for 20 years. In turn, Miguel Gutiérrez yesterday (17) delivered a four-hour statement at the CVM in downtown Rio, where he presented his vision of the systematic operations and events that led the retailer to an accounting hole of 20 billion reais, it was reported in January.