Lending: Bankers love to borrow money

Tuehe works in a bank knows that outside capital is important. Apparently, this knowledge extends to personal life. According to the comparison platform Check, 24 employees from the financial and insurance industry take the largest amounts in the bank.

According to the estimate, the average loan amount is 17,120 euros. This is 28 percent more than people who make a living from agriculture, foresters or fishermen. In this occupational group, the average loan amount is 13,380 euros.

Employees in the information and communication sector receive an average loan amount of 16,962 euros, employees in the manufacturing, mining and industrial sectors – 15,836 euros. The top 5 loans are freelancers in science and technology services with €15,539 and public sector employees with €15,258.

Teachers take less

This is followed by workers in trade, transport or warehousing (14,270 euros), construction (14,213 euros) and teachers, educators and workers in health and social services (13,544 euros).

It is no coincidence that the volume of borrowings roughly corresponds to the level of wages in the industry. Because institutions pay great attention to monthly income when lending.

More credit at higher positions

This is also confirmed by the fact that the higher the average loan amount, the higher the professional position of the borrower. The average loan amount for a working managing director is €24,203, but civil servants, freelancers, retirees and professional military personnel also take out installment loans that exceed the average of €15,854.

The average student loan is only 3,735 euros. Check 24 used all the installment loans provided through their portal to conduct the survey.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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