Maluma leaves an interview when asked about human rights in Qatar: “I came to enjoy life and football”

Maluma, who is at the center of controversy for his performance as a guest star at the World Cup in Qatar, has given an interview on Israeli public television. However, when the journalist asked him about the “systematic violations of human rights in the country”, Maluma has abandoned the interview.

“Maluma, don’t you have a problem with the violation of human rights in this country,” the presenter asked him, to which the artist replied: “Yes, but it’s something I can’t solve; I just I have come here to enjoy life and football“. “Your presence here is helping to cover up…?” The journalist then began to say, although Maluma interrupted him to ask a question: “Do I have to answer that question.”

“I’m just asking you something that people are going to ask you,” the presenter justified himself, after which the Colombian singer got up from his chair and left the interview, while called the journalist “rude”.

After singers like Shakira, Dua Lipa or Rod Stewart have declined their invitation to the World Cup in Qatar, the journalist wanted to ask Maluma about the controversy, something that has bothered the singer.

Source: Lasexta

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