Churches turned into curious rehearsal rooms, the new initiative to reactivate emptied Spain

Where many of us only see empty towns, there are those who find true treasures. Like the small church of Redueña, in the mountains of Madrid. Its acoustics are so good that international musicians come there to use it as a recording and rehearsal room. A way to take advantage of the emptied Spain.

“Empty Spain also has a role to play in the cultural world, they have spaces and they allow us to work in a calm environment,” explains Daniel Pinteño, baroque violinist and director of ‘Concerto 1700’

The truth is that these churches have very good acoustics and hardly have daily use. For this reason, the city councils are very much in favor of turn them into curious rehearsal rooms. “The rural environment can provide that, that we come to work, that we bring wealth and diversity to the town,” acknowledges Daniel Pinteño.

A place that also Ana Veira Leite, a young Portuguese soprano. “They invited me to interpret these Scarlatti Cantatas that I had never sung, it was a pleasure to discover them,” he admits.

This is precisely the objective of this group, to recover music composed in Spain in the 18th century from oblivion.

Source: Lasexta

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