A jewel of engineering: the best preserved Roman fountain on the peninsula appears in Fuente Obejuna

An excavation has brought to light the best preserved roman public fountain of the entire Iberian Peninsula. The find, an authentic marvel of Roman engineering, has been made in the municipal area Obejuna Fountain (Córdoba).

The archeologist Antonio Monterroso has assured la Sexta that “if we had the gift of uncover the earth as if it were a blanketwe would find one city ​​of 23 hectares”, known as Mellaria. “The fountain is intact,” said Monterroso, who also stressed that “there is no more of this monumentality.” “The stone is not from here. It is moved more than 70 kilometers from Córdoba.”

The discovery has been possible thanks to the research project Ager Mellariensis, led by the University of Córdoba. The fountain is located next to the crossroads that connects Córdoba with Medellín (Badajoz). Its construction is perfect, as the archaeologist points out, who points out that “it preserves its hydraulic cement so that it does not leak.”

The Town Hall of Fuente Obejuna has acquired the land. Silvia Mellado, mayoress, has assured laSexta that “this area is uninhabited”, so “any resource is good.”

Source: Lasexta

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