Serrat says goodbye to the stages in his native Barcelona forever

With admiration, joy, but also sadness. This is how the public received Joan Manuel Serrat. This Friday he gave his final goodbye to his own: his followers. “With contradictory feelings”, as he himself confessed on stage in front of the 1,500 people. four days away 79 years, he went up to the same coliseum in which he started: the Palau Sant Jordi. It was in Barcelona, ​​his hometown.

Serrat has been and will always be a symbol that has marked several generations. “We have grown with him because he is a little older than us,” confesses one of the attendees sadly. “My mother and grandmother like it a lot and it’s something I inherited from them,” adds a young man. Serrat, the son of a humble Catalan family and a defender of the use of Catalan during the Franco dictatorship, reached the pinnacle of Spanish music with only 28 years old. And she left us a song that became a classic to remember for a lifetime: Mediterranean.

Since then, Serrat has proven to be one of the most beloved singers in Spain and Latin America. Of course, he will be missed. “I leave full of love and happiness,” confesses a woman. “I feel sorry but also happy to be able to be with him today,” she adds. All of them have followed him during his 57 years on the stage. Where he has shared the stage with emblematic artists, creating a more than complete musical career, with close to 300 songs, 32 albums, dozens of compilations and thousands of hearts from all over the world who will always remember him as one of the masters of music.

Source: Lasexta

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