Green Days Organizer: An Ambassador for Other Consumer Behavior

Man ode – this meant for Sanu Sarah Durmaz: always buy something new. Because Durmaz started a fashion blog as a teenager and was active on Instagram as an influencer. “I did do a lot of shopping,” admits the 23-year-old. Today, she is committed to sustainability in the industry: she wants to host a fashion show in Frankfurt called “Green Days”. It is intended to replace the “Green Catwalk Show” that took place in 2022 as part of Frankfurt Fashion Week. In addition to fashion, the event will also focus on nutrition and health.

A few years ago, Durmaz radically changed her behavior. For example, when she learned about the negative impact of unlimited consumption on the environment and animal welfare, she decided not to buy new clothes for a year. Since then, she has mostly worn second-hand or borrowed clothes. For the meeting, she wore a bright green blazer with a sequined miniskirt. She borrowed a blouse from her aunt.

Her agency Sanu, which develops social media marketing strategies for companies, also focuses on sustainability issues. Durmaz’s definition of sustainability is “acting grandchildren”. So that the generation of grandchildren also had a future.

Fair pay and shortcuts

A young entrepreneur and three employees are organizing Green Days in addition to her day job. Durmaz gets up at 5:30 every morning. The program currently includes four “runway shows” that will showcase both streetwear and high fashion. The audience – part invited guests such as influencers, part visitors who can buy one of the 100 tickets that will go on sale – will also get the opportunity to shop for fashion. There will also be panel discussions and workshops, such as cooking together or meditation. She agreed to collaborate with Pro Sieben.

Durmaz commissions her models from an agency based in Butzbach, which is also committed to sustainability. This means, among other things, that the models live as close to the city as possible. Besides, she wants to pay fairly. Her models receive 500 euros per show. This is more than most other organizers pay,” says Durmaz, who herself occasionally works as a model in front of the camera.

“From other shows, I know that the models there go from point A to point B all day long and don’t even get anything to eat,” the young woman says. In Green Days, things should be different. She also wants to distinguish herself by choosing her models. Of course, she will bring classic beauties to the catwalk, as well as older models or people with disabilities. “I want to show personalities,” she says.

You can only learn from mistakes

When and where exactly the event will take place is still unknown. You mean three places. One of them is the nhow hotel in Frankfurt. And how do you fund all this? She admits that at first she thought a lot more. “But then we got a cost of 500,000 euros,” she laughs. That’s why now she plans to become much smaller. According to her, the negotiations with cooperation partners went well.

Today she wears a blouse from her aunt, a blazer and a second-hand miniskirt.

First of all, Sanu Sara Durmaz wants to reach out to the people of the region with her Green Days. Fashion and Frankfurt have not really found each other yet. Moreover, the idea of ​​moving Fashion Week from Spree to Maine is more like a fleeting visit than a long-term love affair. Young Durmaz does not mind.

She plans with great confidence and is already looking forward to the coming year, when the event is sure to take place in a big way. And then Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne are waiting. The success of Green Days will not suffer because of the self-doubt of a young woman. Durmaz says that every day she learns something new, she has a large circle of friends and she is not afraid to try new things. And: “I’m not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.”

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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