About the fashionable jacket: Everyone has blazers

Tuehat is the name of the men’s clothing that can be seen seven times in this article? Jacket? Sounds like the new economy, like navy blue jeans with navy blue jackets, preferably with a polo or pink shirt underneath. Or a jacket? A term that is even more obsolete. Even the sound of the jacket is reminiscent of male society in all places where decisions are made. We want to overcome these times long ago.

Dare you just call these throws that hang here in our new FAZ photo tower blazers? Didn’t the blazer belong to women? Yes, but gender stereotypes are slowly disappearing.

Clear signal, clear excitement

There is hardly anything that defines us as a man or a woman more than our appearance, and hardly anything can break the generally accepted stereotypes of thinking so easily as our appearance. The topic is not new, but there are many more examples of women in men’s clothing than men in women’s clothing. Around 1870 in Paris, the actress Sarah Bernhardt wore tailored suits, in defiance of a French law that forbade women from wearing trousers. The signal was clear, as was the excitement.

The Bruno Cucinelli blazer is made from cashmere.

Marlene Dietrich made her Hollywood debut in 1930 wearing a tuxedo, bow tie and top hat. However, these were costumes for her film Morocco, and fashionistas at that time already had trousers. Then in 1966, Yves Saint Laurent launched Le Smoking. Since then, women have needed oversized ties and shirts borrowed by boyfriends to wear fashions that still have a masculine edge. The blazer has been theirs ever since.

Is there a fashion for girls for men? Harry Styles is already an icon of this decade, and maybe even this century, with his brooches, handbags, necklaces and – tight blazers. Blazers, let’s call them that now, because jackets and cardigans are no longer fashionable terms – in this article they also have broad shoulders.

It is only fitting, therefore, that they are no longer made only from traditional suiting fabrics, but from the cashmere of Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli. Made from wool and Boss cord from Mey & Edlich. And instead of a boring navy blue, these blazers are now often fitted with a decorative Prince of Wales check pattern, such as Brioni, Dior Men, and the looser version of Closed, which is almost like a spring jacket.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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