Bags made in Germany: a piece of Germany in Italy

TIna Lutz Morris has lived in many places around the world. In the south of Germany, where she grew up, in Paris to study as a fashion designer first in Tokyo, then in New York, before moving to Berlin in 2014. On this sunny afternoon, we meet her at her last stop for now: in Milan.

She sits in the showroom with her handbag collection during Fashion Week. However, she and her family did not move to the northern Italian fashion metropolis because of a job offer. “We wanted to go somewhere warmer,” she says in a low voice. She originally wanted to return to New York with her American husband and their son. But because of the high rents and the increase in violence and crime, they would have given it up.

“And then we thought about it for a long time. When my three best friends moved to Milan, we went to see the city.” She immediately discovered that life here is simpler and simpler. A move that was quite a bold one, because even though Tina Lutz Morris is actually international after over 30 years abroad, her bags are all German.

From New York to Berlin

Why this is so has more to do with chance than calculation. Initially, Lutz was only responsible for fashion as head designer for Calvin Klein in New York. In addition, her own New York-based label, Lutz & Patmos, featured a women’s ready-to-wear line focused on luxury knitwear. She had nothing to do with accessories. Everything changed during her first Christmas in Berlin, when her husband gave her a leather wooden box with an old-fashioned metal frame. She then set out to find manufacturers who could still produce such metal frames. This began the process that led to the creation of the Lutz Morris handbag brand, a combination of her last name and her husband’s last name.

German specialization: Metal frames are produced by a company that has been in existence since 1860.

Today, the metal frame is the hallmark of their bags, which have little in common with mass-produced goods from other luxury manufacturers. “I said to myself: if I create a company from scratch again, it just needs to have a heart and soul,” says Lutz Morris. She said she could order bags made overseas and sell them for the same price. But she preferred to work with small producers in Germany.

But first she had to find out what the bag was made of. “I felt like a chef who first has to gather all the ingredients,” she recalls. Today, she sees this as an advantage, because you can ask questions better if you come from outside. She was engaged in leather and various processes of its tanning. She found manufactures that had long been forgotten. And she focused on a topic that the big luxury handbag makers couldn’t address: sustainability. This can be seen already in the fact that her collection of bags, which she launched in 2018, is not subject to trends, so you can wear it for years and decades. He also offers a repair service if something breaks on the bag.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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