Met Gala 2023: Better than Oscar night

WITHIn fact, she received one of the rare invitations to the gala party. She even prepared to meet Kim Kardashian in Paris, a “date,” as Kardashian later wrote. Her arrival had already been announced unofficially, but only unofficially; in the New York Post. But now she still hasn’t come. “I’m staying at home in Paris,” Choupette announced on Instagram on Monday, hours before the big Met Gala in Manhattan.

Who would blame her? At the advanced age of eleven, the Burmese cat has better things to do than climb the red carpet of the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Flashing lights, noise, a lot of strangers: even for a spoiled cat, such attention would be too much. She was the being that Karl Lagerfeld, who died in 2019, spent most of his later years with, and indeed the only being he lived with after his mother’s death.

At least it turned out more than in life. But this Choupette, although well recognizable by her face, jumped on the carpet like a polar bear. What kind of amateur actor was that?! On the stairs, he removed his head – and it was Jared Leto. We hope that he will not so affably embody the average Lagerfeld in a big film project about his life.

Lagerfeld did not miss the opportunity to have fun

The entire Met Gala, which over the years has become the most important social event on the fashion scene along with the Oscars night, revolved around Lagerfeld, not his expensive cat. The Karl Lagerfeld: Line of Beauty exhibition opens at America’s largest art museum, the Costume Institute, on Friday (until July 16). In nearly 200 dresses and exhibits, curator Andrew Bolton chronicles the German designer’s creative journey, from his origins with Pierre Balmain (1955 to 1958) and Jean Patou (1958 to 1964) to his early successes with Chloé (1964). to 1984 and 1992). until 1992, 1997) and Fendi (since 1965), his masterpieces at Chanel (since 1983) and his own brand (since 1984). The Line of Beauty is an allusion to William Hogarth’s Analysis of Beauty (1753), in which the S-shaped line represents liveliness and movement, as opposed to a straight line, which represents stillness and inactivity. With the help of the exhibition and architect Tadao Ando with the exhibition design, Bolton shows how these lines intersect in Lagerfeld’s work. The “line of beauty” is also a nod to “in office,” that is, the sense of duty and hard work of “the defining designer of the late 20th and early 21st century.” phoned him at a press conference Monday morning.

Lagerfeld did not miss the opportunity to have fun – and at least the same can be said about the bright advertising stand on the stairs of the museum.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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