Burglary at Sylvie Meis: An Invitation for Burglars

ILast year, South Korean powerhouse Yubin Kim was brutally attacked in her Paris apartment. The robbers posed as police officers, hit Kim with a gun, forced her to open the safe, and stole luxury watches, jewelry and leather goods worth 350,000 euros. Later, the real police identified the perpetrators from video footage and caught them on their way to a new heist. Subsequent reports said that those arrested had previously checked social media for potential victims. The alleged leader has already been tried several times for similar actions.

The case was reminiscent of the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris in 2016: she was also caught in her apartment by fake police at gunpoint, the criminals tied her up and stole jewelry worth about nine million euros. A few days earlier, Kardashian posted on social media a photo of a diamond ring, which alone is worth four million euros. He, too, was part of the booty. A friend of Kardashian’s later said, “Kim is shocked and feels guilty because she always wore an expensive ring and showed it off on Snapchat.”

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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