On the death of Rodolfo Dordoni: The quietest among the star designers

ZLately he has begun to devote more time to himself. Which is actually not something unusual for a person of retirement age. But for the Italian star designer, yes. Because they rarely think about quitting smoking.

But Rodolfo Dordoni was never like the others. He was quiet and rarely went out into the world, preferring to remain alone in his studio. “I’m a very shy person,” he told this magazine several years ago.

Still, Stille was one of the greats. He also did not have to act as a mouthpiece for his own causes; his work spoke for itself. Dordogne was a Milanese through and through. Born in the metropolis of fashion and design in 1954, he studied architecture at the famous Polytechnic University in the 1970s and had his studio on Via Bramante in the center of Chinatown.

Seat piece from the Rivera Outdoor Collection by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti.

After his studies in the eighties, he worked for Giulio Cappellini and his Cappellini brand. He quickly made a career and in the 1990s was responsible, among other things, for the design and interior design of the fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana. When he took over the artistic direction of Minotti in 1997, he brought the fast pace familiar to him from the fashion industry to the upholstered furniture maker from Meda in Lombardy.

“We were the first”

Every twelve months since 1997, Dordogne has designed a new collection of seating furniture for Minotti, each dedicated to a different core theme: travel, cinema, music. The pieces always bore the same signature, his, and they matched each other over the years, even if they differed in material and color. “Many furniture manufacturers have already adopted this concept,” Dordoni said. “But we were the first.”

He described his furniture as “classically-modern, simply-elegant.” What did he mean by this? “They are not crazy, not exaggerated, but clear and functional.” Artemide, Cassina, De Sede, Dornbracht, Kartell, Kettal, Molteni & C, Poliform: Dordogne has developed hundreds of products for dozens of manufacturers.

He also built villas and was one of the first to build superyachts for the Sanlorenzo shipyard from La Spezia in Liguria. And this is until the end. Even though Rodolfo Dordoni has retreated a bit lately. He remained a workaholic. The Milanese died completely unexpectedly on August 1st.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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