Winter clothing trends: The turtleneck sweater is making a fashionable comeback

DThe look at fashion is becoming more and more expected. To avoid difficulties that contradict the mainstream discourse about body positivity, it is better to think that everything is fine. Anytime and anywhere. Every trend is a big cheer. Behind this lies desperation. But there are items of clothing that people refuse to wear, and interestingly, these are often not fashionable items or props for the most elegant red carpet appearances.

Such deviations can be bought in every department store in the province, and they are very inexpensive. For example, a T-shirt, jeans or a turtleneck sweater. They are all masters of integrity, and the toughest among them is the turtleneck.

The key item for this fall and winter.

He’s not even going to forgive his double chin. It punishes slouching and careless sitting with a deduction in points. Hair that is poorly cut or not cut at all is unpleasant to him. It’s like being in a ballet hall or zazen meditation; Of course, only if you intend to take the turtleneck seriously as a fashion item and not confuse it with a wardrobe item that will be especially useful for lovers of business meetings in the style of the nineties, in drafty branches of savings banks or on autumn walks.

There is a lot to be said about him. For example, it is strange that it often disappears from store windows for several years. You come in and ask, for example: “Please, do you have a black turtleneck?” When the person you’re talking to starts thinking and rummaging through drawers or leaving the sales floor to look back, it’s immediately clear that the season will likely pass without him. This winter will be filled with turtlenecks at any time of the day or night. It was as if the world was waiting for him.

Yves Saint Laurent and Loulou de la Falaise in Paris, 1992.

Textile Report calls it a key point in its forecast for this fall and winter. The word “key,” if it means anything at all, paints a kind of hidden trend zone in the sand of the season. In other words, anyone who ignores a turtleneck sweater does not understand modern fashion.

What is immediately noticeable is the restlessness and overzealousness with which there is nothing left to do but adapt the turtleneck sweater to the body-obsessed zeitgeist, despite the body positivity mentioned at the beginning. The jawline, which is known to be interesting for every turtleneck, is not enough, and as for the face, at least something needed to be “finished”. American model Hailey Bieber’s look is downright modern: painted lips shine against a black turtleneck. For now, is he still distancing himself from fashionable lips or is the turtleneck becoming a clacker?

The black turtleneck was a sign

At Dior, this is always a transparent touch that emphasizes the youthful torso. At Off-White, it draws attention through the fabric thanks to cutouts. And on the body of the super-slim Gwyneth Paltrow, he demonstrates that weakness is out of the question. This should be a hero’s costume, impressive with reinforced shoulders and strong arms (Gucci). Especially the sleeves! They can become very long (Rocha) or remain so short that they either ignore winter (Philosophy) or blend into a sweater (Ferragamo).

Just don’t get old! Don’t be left behind! From a purely culinary point of view, these imperatives fit seamlessly into the utilitarian optimism with which fashion tries to ward off the ghosts of dark times. The more excited the mood, the stronger the fear. Something is lost, and if it didn’t sound so cliché, the word “trust” would probably be appropriate. No, Instagram did not invent beauty and life cannot be blurred. This is serious and merciless. The turtleneck sweater is all about that clarity.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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