Designer hourglass: Snow flows quietly

DHumanity is reading fewer and fewer books, so booksellers have to sell all sorts of things that may have something to do with leisure. Mindfulness calendars, gratitude journals, cups with self-confidence sayings—and hourglasses.

This particular glass vessel is at least 100 years older than large-scale printing, which was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century. Hourglasses have been used to measure time since the 14th century. There may have long been more accurate and simpler methods than letting a pile of sand flow from one part to another, but in the meantime, it may still be time for an hourglass.

Do things wisely

Choosing a designer hourglass that doesn’t feel like three minutes of teeth-brushing for the whole kindergarten group is still possible: there’s a model from Philippi whose subtle curves fit wonderfully into the overarching curved nature of the designer’s watches. . There is also a Horamea model with a wooden frame, whose Austrian manufacturer touts the precision more familiar from Swiss watch movements.

This hourglass from Pols Potten sits securely on an acacia stand.

And Westwing’s online store has several models that also look good among stacks of illustrated books and art vases – including a vessel from Pauls Potten whose golden sand flows from top to bottom in a full 90 minutes, and a slightly smaller vessel with a base of acacia wood from the online store’s own design department. The key to happiness, as everyone says, is to proceed with caution: you need to eat mindfully, and then you will have a healthy diet. Travel consciously to relax and be environmentally friendly.

Work mindfully, including closing your laptop at some point in your home office. Consume consciously, and breathe consciously yourself. When people consciously take time out, they often call it “me time”—for example, meditating between six and seven in the morning, or standing in front of a white canvas with a brush and painting at 4:00 p.m. on Sundays. Instead of just looking at your cell phone, you can flip the hourglass over and consciously feel the seconds ticking by.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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