Life of a Flamingo in Retro 90’s Style: Lovely Flamingo

Where did flamingo life come from?

One of the most environmentally friendly shoe brands is Flamingos’ Life from Spain. Fair Fashion was founded in 2015 by Carlos Garcia, his brother and friend. Their goal: to make biodegradable, cruelty-free sneakers from corn waste, bamboo, organic cotton and natural rubber.

Another vegan sneaker brand?

Yes, the brand with an inverted F as its logo is committed to vegan materials, transparent supply chains and fair working conditions. The sneakers are certified PETA Approved Vegan. Every shoe purchase supports reforestation projects in Indonesia, Nepal or Madagascar, an additional aspect of the brand’s comprehensive environmental commitment.

What about implementation?

Most Flamingos’ Life sneakers are made from corn waste, agricultural waste mixed with recycled polyester or organic cotton. The upper material of the shoe is made from this corn waste. Flamingos’ Life uses only recycled cotton, certified organic cotton or bamboo for the inner lining of its shoes. This conserves resources and causes less harm to biodiversity and the health of producers.

Where are shoes made?

All production is carried out in family-owned enterprises in Spain and Portugal, which have extensive experience in shoe production. Individual stages of the production process are very labor-intensive, since the various textile parts of the shoes require skilled handling.

Aren’t sneakers made from PET too?

Flamingos’ Life works closely with Waste Free Ocean, which recovers PET bottles from oceans and rivers, which are in turn used as recycled materials to make sneakers. This saves a lot of water and energy during production and at the same time reduces the amount of waste in the oceans.

Stylish and honest?

Yes. In addition to its social responsibility, the sneakers particularly impress me with their attractive appearance. All models are minimalist combined with a trendy retro aesthetic. With their timeless, casual look, the unisex sneakers pair well with work and casual outfits.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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