Kim Jong-un announces that North Korea’s goal is to have the most powerful nuclear force in the world

Kim Jong-un says North Korea’s goal is to have nuclear force most powerful in the world. An announcement that he has made posing with one of his daughters, the middle one, and with senior officials of the Pyongyang regime involved in the latest launch of an intercontinental missile.

The North Korean leader took the opportunity to express his hope that the country’s army will become the most powerful in the world. The photos, published this Sunday by the state agency KCNA, show Kim in various poses next to a girl, who is believed to be his middle daughter, named Kim Ju-ae, dressed in a black coat and whose physical appearance is reminiscent of that of the first lady, Ri Sol-ju.

The KCNA mentions that in the photos the supreme leader appears “with his beloved daughter” and with the military and scientists “who contributed to the launch of the successful Hwasong-17 test”, a test carried out on the 18th and which represents another important advance for the arms program of the regime.

During the commemorative act of the last Pyongyang arms testKim also expressed confidence that “North Korea’s self-defensive capabilities will reach the position of the strongest in the world,” something that will be achieved “as long as the determination and fighting spirit are clear,” he said.

Those objectives will be achieved “with the vast army of scientists and technicians intensely loyal to the Party” and with “the courageous ammunition of workers and the absolute support of the people,” said the leader in one of his usual bombastic statements, reported by the KCNA.

“History has taught that only when we become the strongest, not the weakest, can we defend the present and future of the country and the nation, in a world like today where the strength in combat decides victory“Kim noted.

In addition, he added that he will work in that sense to “consolidate the greatest force” in an “absolute and irreversible way for the country”, and that it will continue to “strengthen unlimited defense capabilities” North Korea.

The first time he posed with his daughter

The North Korean media showed the leader’s daughter for the first time on the 19th in images of that aforementioned test of a intercontinental ballistic missileexplaining only that Kim oversaw the launch “along with his beloved daughter and wife,” without offering further details.

In that first public appearance of the girl, she could be seen clad in a white coat listening to her father while he gave instructions to officials, contemplating the missile in its takeoff phase with Kim or walking hand in hand with him next to the lprojectile hook.

The North Korean media rarely disseminate information about close relatives of the Kim dynasty, which has ruled the country with an iron hand since the 1940s, and the girl had not been an exception until now, since propaganda has never before he had even acknowledged its existence.

South Korean intelligence experts believe that Kim would have had three children with Ri Sol-ju around 2010, 2013 and 2017, and they believe that the girl shown by the regime would be the median of these three.

Source: Lasexta

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