Iranian armored units advance towards Kurdish areas

Armored units and special forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were sent to the Kurdish regions of the country, where there have been recent skirmishes involving opposition armed groups, the commander of the army of the guards said yesterday. “At the moment, armored units and special forces of the army of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards are retreating to the borders of the west and northwest of the country,” said General Mohammad Pakpour, quoted by the local Tasnim news agency. “This movement of ground troops is aimed at reinforcing units located on the border and preventing the infiltration of terrorist groups associated with separatist groups operating in the northern region of Iraq,” he said. Twice since Sunday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has launched rocket and kamikaze drone strikes against the bases of several armed groups of the Iranian Kurdish opposition stationed in Iraqi Kurdistan for decades. Tehran condemns the attacks on its territory, carried out, according to the Iranian authorities, by groups infiltrated from Iraq. But the authorities mostly blame these groups for encouraging the demonstrations that have rocked Iran since September 16.

Source: L Orient Le Jour

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