The Lewinsky case marks the 25th anniversary of the scandal that put Bill Clinton on the ropes

25 years ago the Lewinsky scandal broke out. The then President of the United States Bill Clinton was accused of maintaining extramarital sex in the oval office with fellow Monica Lewinsky.

At first, Bill Clinton made public statements in which he claimed that the accusations “were false.” The press at that time began a smear campaign against the young woman. To such an extent that a woman, a columnist for the New York Times, did not hesitate to label her as “predatory White House intern”.

For its part, Fox News came to launch a survey where 54% of the participants believed that Lewinsky was a young vagabond in search of emotions. 21% saw her as an ordinary girl. “I felt like a piece of trash”she confessed some time later.

Lewinsky agreed to judicial immunity with the attorney general and provided definitive proof of his intimate relationship with the president, a dress stained with Clinton’s semen after having oral sex, something that forced him to change his version. “I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky, but it was inappropriate”he explained.

This new version cost him an impeachment, a political trial for perjury. Paradoxically, he came out stronger. In the US he was no longer seen as a liar but as a victim of a setup, because he never had penetrative sex.

Some time later, in 2017, feminism, through the Metoo movement, apologized to the ex-intern for having left her alone and abandoned to public ridicule. A recognition that after so many years made the great victim of the Lewinsky scandal cry.

Source: Lasexta

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