Iranian minister calls for greater openness to protests

According to local media reports, the minister urged the Tehran government to promote more openness in the social space, especially for women, in the context of the protest provoked by the death of Mahsa Amini for “inappropriate wearing of the veil.” Speaking at a government meeting on Wednesday, Tourism and Heritage Minister Ezzatollah Zargami mentioned the fact that since the movement’s inception, more and more women have appeared in public with their heads uncovered. “I advise a man who is acting tough” towards a woman without a veil to “close his eyes if he is turned on by looking at her,” the minister said, quoted by the ISNA press agency and several daily newspapers. In October, Mr. Zargami came under fire from ultra-conservatives for denouncing the state organization responsible for overseeing the Muslim veil. On January 10, the judiciary said it wants to re-apply a law that imposes severe sanctions, such as expulsion, on people who do not comply with the obligation to wear a veil.

Source: L Orient Le Jour

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