The identity of the Frenchman detained in Tehran was revealed by his parents

Among seven Frenchmen detained in Iran, Louis Arnaud, 35, who was arrested on Sept. 28 while visiting the country, was reported yesterday by his parents, stressing that he is “neither a conspirator, nor a spy, nor a criminal.” Described as a “great traveller,” Louis Arnaud, a banking consultant, is “a simple citizen of the world who wants to travel in order to get to know and understand it better,” write Jean-Michel and Sylvie Arnaud in a press release. . Louis Arnault is being held in the Evin prison (Tehran). His parents also lament that they only had “two short phone calls” in October and mention only one authorized visit by the French ambassador on 11 December. They are concerned about his “very harsh and ()lack of communication” detention conditions, fearing “very severe physical and psychological consequences”. In addition, the French Foreign Ministry said it was “extremely concerned” by the detained French-Irish Bernard Phelan, who on Friday suspended his hunger strike.

Source: L Orient Le Jour

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