These are the sexual exploitation courses taught by “dating coaches” investigated by the Brazilian police

They say they are masters of flirting, but what is hidden behind their courses is the closest thing to sexual exploitation pure and hard The brazilian police investigates two americans after the complaint of a woman who attended a party organized by them in sao paulo.

in your videos introduce themselves as ‘dating coaches’. “How did Tim suddenly end up with 7 girls?”, can be heard in one of his ads. They teach courses for between 4,000 and 50,000 dollars in which they pour out typical macho slogans, such as the difference between girls who can be girlfriends versus those who are only good for sexual relations. “She’s kind of boring, she stays at home” or “I fucked her, by the way” are some of the gems in her descriptions.

Their methods border on sexual exploitation based on jeffrey epstein tactics: pay a third party to take girls to their parties without them knowing that money has been involved. This Social Circle for millionaires, as they are called, also offers trips to countries with vulnerable womenIt’s like the Philippines, Colombia or Brazil, where they are accused of ‘sex tourism’.

There they set up this party, where they invited women through social networks. But no one told them that this was part of a course that promises a 100% chance of sex. “They say that I traffic with women, that the girls at my parties have been deceived. I have passed it on to my girls and they say: ‘No! We want more parties,'” celebrates one of the organizers in a video.

This organization is being investigated by the Sao Paulo police. According to the Brazilian press, they are also dedicated to recording the girls during sex without their knowledge.

Source: Lasexta

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