China shows its ‘new’ map in which it attributes territories of other countries

Russia and China have been in the news for their ‘new’ maps. Both powers have stretched their borders, with Russia joining Crimea and Donbas and China angering Philippines, Malaysia and India.

The Philippines said it “rejected” the map for including a broken line around disputed areas of the South China Sea that were the subject of a 2016 international court ruling that ruled in favor of Manila.

It is a map that, in reality, It has been used in China for decades, but for the first time they are teaching the rest of the world, as Abel Gil, from ‘The World Order’, tells laSexta. For journalist Ignacio Montes de Oca, the publication of this map is “a provocation.”

In the south and west, China has wanted to keep two territories that India also claims. They are the two most important disputes and the ones that cause the most tension on the border. “They have their origin in British colonialism. He signed treaties with the United Kingdom, which ceded Tibet and Aksai Chin to the United Kingdom. Once China recovered Tibet, it has not recognized those treaties and continues to claim those territories as its own,” says Gil.

It also prolongs its dominance in the waters of the South China Sea, taking territory from these countries. Everyone has shown their anger with China. The only one that has not done so has been Russia, from whom they want to keep a small island in the Amur River.

Source: Lasexta

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