Ori Megidish, the freed Israeli who may be key to locating the rest of the Hamas hostages

Ori Megidish It is the name of the day in Israel. The soldier from one of the Israeli bases raided by Hamas militants returned to her family amid cheers and celebrations, with her mother thanking the “creator of the world” for her release.

Now, Megidish could be key to providing new details that help the Israeli Army to find more hostages inside the Gaza Strip. Daniel Hagari, military spokesman for the Israeli armed forces, says that she was rescued in the last few hours after being kidnapped on October 7.

However, despite the release of Ori, Israel has once again increased the number of those captured by Hamas on that same day, raising the figure to 240 hostages. They argue that the insurgents want to spread fear, as Hagari assures: “Hamas tests us with its psychological terror.”

Meanwhile, Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a new threat to Hamas: “We will continue to pursue them. We will continue hunting them“He points out that Israel did not want this war, but the Israeli Prime Minister is fighting against “monsters.”

Source: Lasexta

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