Strategy or revenge? The Dajiya doctrine would be behind Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip

Many analysts argue that what Israel is doing fits with what is known as the Dajiya doctrine. It basically consists of using force disproportionately, also against civilian facilities.

The ideologue of this doctrine defended that The only way to harm the enemy is to attack to civilians. But the truth is that Israel already used it in its war against Lebanon 2006, when it devastated the Dahiya neighborhood in Beirut, where Hezbollah had its headquarters. They are believed to have used this same strategy in the wars with Gaza in 2008 and 2014.

“I do not believe that Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip are motivated solely by a feeling of revenge, let’s say emotional, I believe that obey a military strategy“he maintains Blas Morenoeditor-in-chief of ‘The World Order’.

That strategy would be Dahiya doctrinewhich consists of “massively bombing civilian populations in which the military or political leaders of the enemy group take refuge.”

Beyond ending the lives of these citizens, the aim is to punish the civilian population, the expert maintains. Moreno points out that it is, in every rule, a war crime, since “international law establishes that you cannot attack civilians and you cannot attack military enemies in a disproportionate manner.”

But for them it is justified. In 2006 they argued that the only way to end the power of the Hezbollah leader was to harm civilians.

Source: Lasexta

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