Israel enters Gaza and focuses ground offensive on the north

“The day has come. It is our time,” proclaim the Israeli soldiers who, with the help of tanks and bulldozers, have entered Gaza City. A progress that Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, calls an impressive success.

And with this advance in the ground offensive it makes it clear that “nothing” is going to stop them. Meanwhile, he asks civilians to move south, but the population has fewer and fewer exits.

Israel’s top military commander has ratified Netanyahu’s message, ensuring that they are already in the heart of the north of the capital, where the army focuses its ground operation.

“Combatants continue to knock down Hamas defense lines in the northern Gaza Strip,” Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces, explained at a press conference.

There it advances from three fronts: from the northeast, in the city ​​of Beit Hanun; in parallel to the coast; and to south of Gaza City. The objective is to divide the Strip in two, a mission for which they support by sea and air by bombing relentlessly also at night…

But in these ground battles the Israeli army is also adding more and more casualties because Hamas is responding with drone attacks directly on Israeli military positions.

This has become a fierce raid in which Biden has called for a pause to free hostages. In the same direction, the former Minister of Defense and current member of Israel’s emergency government, Benny Gantz, has sent a message to the Palestinians: anyone who helps free hostages will have immunity.

Source: Lasexta

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