The testimony of a witness to the horror in Gaza: “Three weeks’ worth of medical supplies ran out in three days”

Raul Incertis has experienced firsthand the horror that exists in the Gaza Strip. The first Spaniard to have managed to leave there tells laSexta that he arrived in Gaza on October 1 to “a relatively simple mission” when the Hamas attack on Israel occurred.

Children have died in UN centers and without a doubt what worries me the most is this waste of human lives,” he confesses, and the fact is that children are being the most affected part of the conflict, with one child dying every ten minutes.

Of those who are forced to move, Incertis says that there are some who have stayed in Gaza City “taking care of their families because they had disabled relatives or elderly people.” Furthermore, Incertis assures that the medical supplies managed by its colleagues are beginning to become scarce.

“Part of their job was to take the material and distribute it to different hospitals. What was there for three weeks was gone in three days“gasoline is also running out, of which there is “minimal stock”, which has caused more than half of the hospitals to no longer function.

Source: Lasexta

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