Israel’s plans for Gaza: anti-terrorist security or territorial appropriation?

The prime minister of Israel stands today as guarantor of a better future, safe from “terror”. For Israelis, for Palestinians, for the world.

Israel is going to assume—for a indefinite period— the general responsibility of security because we have seen what happens when we don’t have it: a outbreak of terrorism of Hamas on a scale that we could not imagine,” he stated in an exclusive interview for the star news program of the American network ABC.

The real plan: total domination of historic Palestine

But in front of this messianic messagelesson recent history: “Is he Israel itself, with the Netanyahu himselfthat has not attended to either the well-being or the security of the Strip. The same Israel, the same Netanyahu, who have allowed Hamas to roam freely because it served to fragment the Palestinian resistance.” Jesús Núñez, co-director of the Institute for Conflict Studies and Humanitarian Action, remembers this in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

And although he premiere Israeli is very careful to speak in a political key, even pointing out who would govern? that new Palestine — “those who do not want to follow the path of Hamas” he says laconically — is an announcement very worrying, experts say. Because it is an increasingly extremist Israel the fact that shows the paw his real intentions: Núñez explains that “the plan is the total domination of historic Palestine. And there is only one way to achieve this: if you first carry out a ethnic cleansing on the scale of all Palestinians disappearing from there.

The current strategy: a new Nakba

For now, the strategy would be to try force another Nakbaanother great exodus, a new great Arab-Palestinian disasteranalysts point out: “Right now, they are looking make life unbearable to all who are not Israeli Jews; create a situation that finally convinces to the Palestinians to leave. For example, with “sieges within the siege” —in the words of the NGOs on the ground— like the one they live half a million people in that ‘Northern Gaza’ that Israel already has fenced. Or turning the Strip into “a great children’s cemetery», as the UN Secretary General denounces. With its epicenter in Gaza City, where the Israeli Defense Forces would be less than 48 hours to go in with everything, according to what has been leaked to specialists and international media.

“The big question now is whether when they occupy the north of the Strip they are going to introduce Israelis who will stay and live there or not,” is what would indicate the difference in the medium-long term, says Yago Rodríguez, director of ‘The Political Room’, on ARVs. That adds: “It is clear that Israel (Netanyahu) They have no clear political direction, a few weeks ago they said that an international force would take charge… and now that they; go improvising”. Something quite dangerous in an area of ​​its own explosivewith militias from Lebanon, Iran or Jordan waiting to extend the conflict.

If all this is consummated, “it is the worst solution, because it leaves no alternatives; turns back the clock,” adds Security and Defense specialist Jesús Manuel Pérez Triana at ARV.

When it is fulfilled a month of explosion and the barrier of 11,000 dead is surpassed—more than 10,000 Palestinians, 1,400 Israelis— the next military phase is announced complicated, long and bloody. Very dark clouds hang over the Palestinian people, threatening genocide.

Source: Lasexta

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