Roman Abramovich, former Chelsea president, paid $40 million to two men close to Putin

An investigation of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), where laSexta is located, has revealed the businesses that commercial companies registered in Cyprus have had despite the war in Ukraine.

This research, under the name of ‘Cyprus Confidential‘, reveals that up to 96 Russian oligarchs have used opaque companies from Cyprus to move money despite the invasion of Ukraine. Among the names detailed in the investigation is Roman Abramovichformer president of Chelsea, who made two payments of 40 million dollars to two men close to Vladimir Putin, something he always denied.

The same investigation has revealed payments of hundreds of millions of euros to companies linked to the players’ agents of that same club, which he owned until 2022. One of the firms, MeritServushelped manage hundreds of companies owned or controlled by Abramovich.

There is also the name of Alexei Mordashovone of the richest Russian industrialists, who made an investment of 1.4 billion dollars to his name just one day after sanctions were imposed for the war in Ukraine.

He Government of Cyprus claims to be committed to the fight against corruption and illicit finances.

Source: Lasexta

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