Hamas ‘fortified tunnel’ found by Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital was built by Israel, according to former Israeli prime minister

The Israeli Armed Forces last Sunday they published several videos that would demonstrate the existence of a tunnel allegedly used by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) within the enclosure of Al Shifa Hospitalbut now the authorities have confirmed that these tunnels were built by the Israeli army.

This was confirmed by Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel, in an interview with CNN, expressing that “Hamas is using these bunkers originally built by Israeli engineers decades ago when we ruled Gaza.” Given these statements, the CNN journalist asked him, “when you told me that they were built by Israeli engineers…, were you wrong?” Given this doubt, the former Prime Minister of Israel confirms it by specifying that built between the 80s and 2005 “to make more space in the hospital.” However, the country’s former leader did not give more details because he wants to avoid revealing intelligence data.

Given these statements, Jesús A. Núñez Villaverde, the co-director of the Institute for Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action, explained to laSexta that “when someone like Ehud Barak He claims that they have been built by Israeli engineers, obviously, they must be given full credibility.” “Another thing is what Hamas has been able to take advantage of those constructions and what they could have added later,” added the expert.

Israel justifies these bombings by showing weapons supposedly seized in hospital facilities in the video published on Sunday, but international media such as Al Jazeera or CNN This type of weapons still life does not reflect what the journalists found when they entered embedded with the Israeli troops.

In relation to the strategy carried out by the Israeli Government, Núñez Villaverde assesses that they are “trying to impose a narrative that makes them seem like the good guys in the movie while the other is a demon, an inhuman animal.”

Source: Lasexta

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