Save The Children denounces that 86% of Palestinian minors are beaten by Israeli soldiers

The Palestinian minors They do not escape the barbarity of the war in the Gaza Strip. On many occasions, they are subjected to different humiliations, being beaten, stripped and even sexually abusedaccording to Save The Children in a devastating report.

In the study, prior to the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, they reveal that 86% of minors receive beatingswith 60% say they have been hit with sticks or guns. As a result, almost half of the detained minors suffer serious bruises, including gunshot wounds or bone fractures.

The abuse goes further, with many minors claiming they have been transported in small cages as if they were animals and have been denied basic care, leaving them without water, food and healthcare.

This forceful report by Save The Children was carried out before the Israeli offensive, raising the number of detained minors already recorded by the UN to 1,000 on average per year.

The NGOs recall that these arbitrary detentions with a high degree of violence are a systematic violation of human rights and have serious consequences on the physical and mental health of Palestinian minors.

Source: Lasexta

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