Milei goes from calling Pope Francis an “imbecile” to inviting him to Argentina after calling him on the phone

Javier Milei He had until now carried out very harsh attacks against Pope Francis. The newly elected president of Argentina called the pope an “imbecile”He said it was “the representative of the evil one on Earth“and what had”affinity for murderous communists like Castro or Maduro.”

This incendiary tone has changed noticeably when, once elected, he has reported that he has been able to chat with Pope Francis by telephone, a talk that Milei himself has described as “very pleasant“.

“His holiness congratulated me emphatically. He told me ‘courage and wisdom’. I told him that I handle the first one and the second… I’m working,” jokes the president of Argentina. What’s more, Milei has announced that he has formally invited the Pope to visit Argentina, where he would be received “with all the honors typical of a head of state”.

It should be remembered that Pope Francis, who has promised to send Milei a rosary to give him luck in his mandate, has not returned to his country of origin since 2013, the year in which he was proclaimed pope. This conversation also comes after one of the leaders of La Libertad Avanza asked to “break relations” with the Vatican.

In an interview with the Argentine public agency Télam, Pope Francis warned about the “clowns of messianism” and confessed to being “afraid of the Pied Pipers,” who “are charmers of people” whom they “end up drowning.”

Source: Lasexta

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