Follow the streaming live on laSexta: how does the EU influence our daily lives?

How does Europe influence our daily lives? How does it impact our jobs, our families, our healthcare, our safety, our consumer decisions and our social rights? We are going to talk about all these topics on laSexta and with experts in the debate that will be broadcast live and streaming this Thursday starting at 6 p.m.

You will be able to follow the debate on these lines and through our digital channels (Youtube, Facebook and .

They will talk about the crucial challenges of the European Union: how it affects the geopolitical situation, what are the youth policies that Europe proposes and what the next European elections in 2024 will be like. But they will also be able to respond to any of the topics that are raised, or that you can raise now through our social networks, such as Instagram or X.

Who are Jaume Duch, Elsa Arnaiz and Paola Cannata

For this streaming we will have the intervention of three specialists in European affairs. Jaume Duch He has been spokesperson for the European Parliament since 2006 and general director of Communication of the institution since 2017.

We will also have the analysis of the political scientist Paola Cannatawho in the last legislature was an advisor to the Government of Spain on issues related to social rights and institutional relations.

For its part, Elsa Arnaiz She is the General Director of Talento para el Futuro, the first community for “political empowerment of young people in Spain”, and a professor at the Nebrija University.

Source: Lasexta

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