Successful Operation to Separate Siamese Twins: First in Lebanon

Outgoing Health Minister Firas Abiad (center photo) during a visit to AUBMC with a child separated from her Siamese twin. Photo by ANI

Outgoing Health Minister Firas Abiad on Tuesday announced the successful completion of a Siamese twin separation operation at the American University Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), the “first such operation” to be performed in Lebanon.

Mr. Abiad explained, according to statements released by the National News Agency (ANI, official), that the twins’ parents contacted him six months ago to ask for help after an X-ray taken by the mother-to-be showed that the two children that she was pregnant with were Siamese. The minister did not explain in which body the merger of the two babies took place.

He indicated that at the request of the parents, he contacted AUBMC, which agreed to carry out the separation operation despite the current crisis, and “it was possible to prove the ability of the American University and the medical system in Lebanon to carry out the separation operation.” operation”.

In an economic collapse in Lebanon, hospitals and medical facilities are suffering from shortages of equipment and medicines, and hundreds of medical and nursing staff have emigrated over the past three years.

Ten hours of work
Preparations for the surgery took four months, Minister Abiad added, stressing that the team in charge of the operation and follow-up remains mobilized until the release of the twins Riham and Reem from the hospital. “Full coordination among the team members and planning all the details played a key role in the success of the operation, which took 10 hours,” continued Firas Abiad. He highly appreciated the “high precision” of the surgeons, which made it possible to avoid complications at the level of the separated organ.

“Our hospitals can continue to be at the forefront of providing advanced medical services to the citizens and residents of Lebanon. When conditions improve, these institutions will be able to provide even more advanced quality services,” the minister said in his press. the conference. He added that “Lebanon’s healthcare system, while facing great challenges, is flexible and capable of making great strides.”

Source: L Orient Le Jour

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