New study: Airplane noise limits are too high

EA new report on the health impacts of aircraft noise has found that at current thresholds, the risk of cardiovascular disease and even death due to aircraft noise is so high that these values ​​will have to be reduced. This was called for on Thursday by the chairman of the working group of the German commissions on aircraft noise and the head of the department at Offenbach Airport Paul-Gerhard Weiss (FDP).

The working group previously reviewed a new study that was developed at the Technical University of Dresden in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Psychology, Environmental and Social Research. Threshold values ​​are set in the Aircraft Noise Protection Act. However, this law only covers passive noise protection, such as noise-reducing windows and fans. Weiss announced that aircraft noise commissions in Berlin would require changes to the law based on the alarming new findings.

According to Weiss, this could also lead to new requirements for Offenbach households, such as appropriate soundproof windows and fans. However, flight routes are not covered by the Aircraft Noise Protection Act. To reduce the persistent noise level in the Frankfurt Airport area by changing routes, it is necessary to change the air traffic law.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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