Legal Highs: Incense Can Kill

YouConsumption of natural cannabis products such as marijuana and hashish is also not dangerous, emphasizes Carsten Tögel-Lins. But according to the managing director of the Basis association, which is active in youth advocacy and drug addiction counselling, far more dangerous are so-called legal drugs sold as “incense mixtures” or “bath salts”, he said on Tuesday in Offenbach at a conference of cannabis specialists. The city of Offenbach and the addiction center Wildhof invited people to take part.

The substances, sold primarily online directly or through messaging groups such as Telegram, contain synthetic cannabinoids that are many times higher in dosage and more potent than the active ingredients in natural products from the hemp plant, cannabis, Tögel-Lins said. Extreme effects on the cardiovascular system are also fatal. Thus, Tögel-Lins defended the limited legalization of cannabis use without medical indications. More consumers are not expected, but the risk to them will be calculated. With new versions of “legal drugs” constantly emerging that do not know what substances they contain, the risk cannot be assessed at all.

Alcohol is the most dangerous drug, despite cannabinoids

According to Tögel-Lins, the cannabidiol-laced liquids that are now increasingly appearing in schools in the Rhine-Main region are as dangerous as the seemingly harmless nitrous oxide, which can actually cause brain damage and symptoms of paralysis. . The association offers basic information on the Internet. Advice for consumers, parents and professionals. There you will also find detailed information about the composition of newly discovered substances.

Like the head of the health department of Offenbach, Sabine Gross (Greens), Tögel-Lins also advocates the monitoring and evaluation of sales under the auspices of the organizational structure of the model region. He believes that it is not enough to leave this solely to the discretion of producer associations, in which consumers must organize for non-commercial use. Regardless of the potential dangers of synthetic cannabinoids in particular, for Tögel-Lins, alcohol is the most dangerous drug.

The development of addiction can have many causes; trauma and psychological trauma often contribute to addictive behavior, explained addiction specialist Lukas Storck. Together with Kim Shen he forms the board of directors of Wildhof. Wildhof’s team handles all types of drugs, from cannabis and crack to crystal meth and “legal highs.” But Storck also warns against alcohol. The practice of regularly drinking alcohol in the evening after anger or stress in order to “bounce back” also poses a risk of addiction. As a test, Storck recommends avoiding it completely for two weeks. If it’s very difficult, be careful. Wildhof advice and assistance is available online. find.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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