After excessive weed use: Snoop Dogg quits smoking

Ea black-and-white photo of you in a pensive pose, an announcement you made after “careful consideration” and “in consultation with family,” and finally a plea to followers to respect their privacy—the way athletes sometimes end up injured, politicians resigning from their mandates after a scandal or influencers announcing their retirement from the social media scene. But rapper Snoop Dogg chose this route Thursday to say goodbye to someone else: “I’ve decided to quit smoking.”

For Snoop Dogg, “smoking” can really only mean smoking weed: of the 81 joints he said he smoked a day, he barely had time to take a drag from a cigarette. Apart from Bob Marley, there was probably no person whose image was so closely associated with cannabis use.

Snoop Dogg loved to cultivate this image, such as by illegally smoking weed on the side of the stage at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show or talking in interviews about how he once smoked in a White House bathroom. Before lighting the joint, he allegedly lit the napkin on fire to make sure the smoke alarm didn’t go off.

The 52-year-old not only enjoyed smoking weed, but also invested millions in companies that legally sell cannabis, such as for medical purposes in Germany. Deciding not to smoke weed – if it were serious – would definitely be good for Snoop Dogg’s health, but bad for the other person: The rapper hired a $50,000-a-year professional to roll him joints every day.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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