New Openness: King Charles III. looks confident after diagnosis

Dthe day after the sad news that King Charles III. those about to undergo cancer treatment in the UK are filled with messages that are as reassuring as possible. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says on morning television that, fortunately, the disease was diagnosed “at an early stage”; he was confident and was in “regular contact with the king”. On the radio you can hear Lord Dobbs, a former Conservative politician and acquaintance of the royal couple, the same age as Charles and a former cancer patient himself. It’s always easy to “exaggerate the pessimism” in such cases, he says, but there are many reasons for optimism. And then comes the praise from God (who, by the way, is the author of the original English television series House of Cards): the public announcement of the disease is an example of “how a modern monarchy solves a very old problem in a modern way.”

In fact, for many Britons, the shock of the news that their king has cancer is combined with their surprise that the monarch told them the fact so directly. During an examination during his stay in hospital two weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a “form of cancer,” Buckingham Palace said succinctly on Monday evening. Charles III must therefore now undergo a “series of treatments”. In their message, the royal family also gave a reason for publishing it in the first place: the king decided to make a public statement and indicated that, as the Prince of Wales, he was a patron of a number of charities. dealt with cancer and cared for patients, relatives, their caregivers and doctors.

Charles’ grandfather George VI. suffered from lung cancer

This openness is a break with the previous secrecy and secrecy. Charles’ grandfather George VI. suffered from lung cancer as a heavy smoker. Because of this, in 1951, his lung was removed, while neither the public nor even he himself received an accurate diagnosis of his condition at that time; Instead, doctors said they removed a “structural abnormality” from his body.

George VI died in February of the following year, having shortly before, marked by illness, bid farewell to his daughter Elizabeth at the airport during a tour of the Commonwealth that he was effectively to undertake himself. George’s wife, Queen Mother Elizabeth, faced cancer twice in her life without making this fact public. Only her biographer William Shawcross reported long after her death in 2002 (she was 101) that the Queen Mum was diagnosed with a bowel tumor in the 1960s and had to undergo surgery for breast cancer two decades later. glands. . And a year ago, a few months after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, it was announced that she, too, had recently suffered from myeloma, a rare cancer of the spinal cord and bones.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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