Supermarket parking lot: Man stole wallet from car with jammer

EA 26-year-old man stole a wallet from a car in the Göppingen area using an illegal jammer. Up to seven witnesses pursued and caught the man, police said Sunday. He used a jammer to ensure the 42-year-old woman’s car could no longer be locked in a supermarket car park.

While the woman was carrying away her shopping cart in irritation, the man opened the passenger door of her car and began tinkering around inside. She noticed this and screamed for help, after which witnesses chased the man for several hundred meters and caught him. Alerted, the police managed to detain the man.

After the incident on Saturday, the woman lost her wallet and bank card, which the thief probably threw away while fleeing. The man no longer had this with him, but he did have a jammer. After his personal data was recorded and security was introduced, the man was released. He is now being investigated on suspicion of theft and use of an unauthorized transmitter.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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