Traffic Stop Escalates as Father Drives Car at Cops

EFirst, the 48-year-old man started the engine, then drove towards the police and stopped only when they drew their weapons. Here’s what police had to say about an unusual traffic stop in Nuremberg on Friday.

However, it was not the man who was checked, but his 26-year-old daughter. According to the police, the woman made an unreasonable statement about the parking violation for which she was accused. During the inspection, the woman’s father came up and filmed the incident on his mobile phone from his car.

According to police, when officers spoke with the man, he drove back, then started the engine and drove his car toward officers. After the police drew their weapons, the man stopped the car. However, he subsequently refused to provide his personal information.

Emergency workers broke the car window and were able to detain the man using physical force, police said. The officer suffered minor cuts.

The man now faces criminal charges, in particular, on suspicion of assaulting police officers, resisting law enforcement officers and causing bodily harm through negligence.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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