Berlin: hidden Nazi symbols in Croats?

EIt was already dark, but there was this inn, from which the light still fell on the sidewalk. “Croatian delicacies. Charcoal grill.” Conveniently located right below Berlin’s Bellevue station, which has S-Bahn trains that pass right over the restaurant every five minutes on schedule. But this is Berlin, so sometimes there are longer breaks.

A small table at the entrance is still free, and a world of Croatian dishes opens up before you. Chevapchichi of course. Or, which has hardly been found on German menus since the 1990s: “Jolly Bosniak” — a steak stuffed with ham and cheese. The Bosniak laughs. Turkey liver from turkey, gypsy liver from beef. And also a gypsy spit, a gypsy plate and, without a hyphen, a gypsy plate. The best way to find out what’s behind dishes like Räuberfleisch and Schindelbraten is to read the fine print on the menu.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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