Alice Weidel in the APS: Right-wing solidarity in Schnitzland

IIn Vienna, Alice Weidel gets another schnitzel. At least, this is exactly what Herbert Kickl could assure his guest from Germany. The head of the right-wing APS added that he was “glad we can still eat it” without committing a criminal offense when he answered a question on Tuesday at a joint press conference with the leader of the AfD parliamentary group. The reason was that Weidel had recently assured in a speech that he would not allow anyone to take away his right to schnitzel. At the same time, she broke down doors in Vienna, especially together with APS.

This was especially true of more serious topics that were touched upon during the speeches of two right-wing politicians. Asylum, climate and “all gender politics” are “big issues,” Weidel listed. She discovered that when it comes to migration, it is not about a loss of control, but rather a conscious “giving up of control.” The traffic light government in Berlin combined this with “rapid naturalization” to “change the majority”.

Kickl wants to become the “people’s chancellor.”

To supposedly protect the climate, a “heating massacre law” was passed that would release that much CO in six years.2 save what China throws away in a day. An AfD politician has said that citizens will be forced to “rip out their gas heaters”, although this is not the case. The claim that she drove all over Germany without seeing a single wind turbine “that was spinning” also seemed bold. But one would assume that APS-loyal viewers (several thousand people are said to have watched the live broadcast on the party’s Facebook page) will happily believe it when the German reports: “What’s happening here is crazy.” “

Moreover, the inconsistency of climate policy, which involves closing nuclear power plants and replacing them with gas ones, is obvious, even without bold statements. Kickl, who seemed to be in complete agreement with his guest, refrained from giving further details on this matter. Austria also built a nuclear power plant in the 1970s, but never commissioned it after an extremely tough referendum. Today it would be extremely unpopular to advocate the use of nuclear energy. Kickle doesn’t want to offend anyone.

Kickl and Weidel, who were due to appear at a private FPÖ event at the hotel that evening, showed solidarity. They also stayed with like-minded people during a conversation for the channel Auf1, which is also promoted via satellite to the right niche in Germany. The fact that the APS and the AfD, which are part of a group in the European Parliament, are joining forces goes back to former chairmen Heinz-Christian Strache and Frauke Petri.

The Austrian right-wing party is ahead of the German one not only in age: it already owns two shares of the federal government. She holds a steady lead in Sunday polls in Austria; a recent poll gave her 32 percent. Kickl also announced his goal of becoming “the people’s chancellor”. Answering a question about his candidacy for the post of chancellor, Weidel referred to the party conference resolutions that will be adopted in 2024.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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