In the center 18 instead of 6 euros: Citizen survey: Paris triples parking fees for SUVs

bIn a survey of citizens in Paris, a majority voted in favor of a sharp increase in parking fees for heavy city SUVs. On Sunday, the city administration’s plan was implemented, according to which an hour of parking for SUVs and other heavy vehicles in the center should cost 18 euros instead of the usual 6 euros, and on the outskirts – 12 euros instead of 4 euros. For six hours of parking in the center you will have to pay 225 euros instead of the previous 75 euros.

Some 1.3 million residents of the capital were called upon to vote under the slogan “More or less SUV in Paris?” According to preliminary final results, only slightly less than six percent of them took part in the vote. About 54.5% voted for increasing parking fees, and about 45.5% voted against.

The city’s argument for raising SUV fees: Heavy bodies cause increased pollution, take up a lot of public space and jeopardize road safety. The special tariff for large cars was intended to limit the inconvenience they cause.

Only visitors will have to pay a special rate for SUVs. Residents should be excluded, as should traders and care services. The tariff should apply to internal combustion engine and hybrid models weighing 1.6 tons or more, as well as electric models weighing two tons or more. The resolution does not apply to private garages.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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