Batman returns to action

The Mavericks’ Josh Green (left) throws a long-range shot against the Clippers’ Nicholas Batum (right) in the first quarter of the Dallas franchise game against Los Angeles on the floor of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday night. in the NBA. Tom Pennington/AFP

Batum has not yet said his last word. Rarely used since the start of the season by his coach Shaw Brian, the tricolor international winger has shown he still deserves his “Batman” moniker by returning his seven attempts from behind the arc at the Dallas court. With an impressive shooting prowess that we no longer suspected, he allowed his team to score and even pass in the last quarter after leading 25 lengths in the first period.

“I need to shoot. Go back to my old routine and shoot, shoot, shoot. I just needed to see a few people come in. I know what I have to do: continue to play in the same spirit and shoot, ”Batum commented on his attacking awakening.

His only miss came on a free throw with 4.2 seconds left, but he deliberately allowed his team to try to recover the rebound and equalize. A strategy that didn’t pay off, the ball slipped out of Robert Covington’s hands to the chagrin of Paul George (23 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists). This performance worthy of the best hours of Batum’s career, unfortunately, was not enough to prevent the Clippers from allowing their seventh defeat this season (they are in 9th place in the Western Conference with an 8/7 record).

Morant steals but loses

Twenty seconds earlier, Doncic lived up to his reputation as a player again.

“clutch” (decisive in the last moments), laying at the very end of possession with an incredible long-range banderille that gave the Mavs a four-point lead (102-98).

The Slovenian finished with 35 points (11 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals) by his current standards, solidifying his status as the league’s top scorer. Here’s Dallas with eight wins (five losses) coming back to 5th in the West, capitalizing on a 113-102 setback from Memphis (6th) to New Orleans (7th).

However, Ja Morant will still be effective and extraordinary, like that dunk in the 3rd quarter with a change of hands to avoid a counter-attack, or that logo shot at the buzzer that sounds at the end of the first.

However, his 36 points (on 13/27, 8 rebounds) weren’t enough for the Grizzlies to recover Jaren Jackson Jr., who had been out since the start of the season with a right leg injury. The interior lacked rhythm in attack (7 points at 3/14), but did not lose any of its defensive qualities (5 against).

The Pelicans, even without another 2019 draft phenom, Zion Williamson hitting the right leg, could count on CJ McCollum, scoring 22 of his 30 points in the second half (9 assists), Brandon Ingram and Larry. Nancy Jr. scored 19 points each.

Another debacle for the Nets

In Portland, the Blazers struggled to get rid of the Spurs (117-110) and secure their first place in the West. They could count on their Little Big Three, Jerami Grant (29 points, 8 rebounds), Anferny Simons (23 points, including 10 in the last quarter) and Damian Lillard (22 points, 11 assists).

Two ranks below the Jazz, which, after surprising a great start to the season and taking it to first place in the conference, is marking time. This is evidenced by this third loss in a row, missed (118-111) on their floor against the Knicks, who are returning to 7th in the East, returning to the balance (7/7).

Jalen Brunson (25 points, 8 assists) was in charge of New York, in whose ranks Evan Fournier spent the entire game. The rear, 2021 Olympic vice-champion, like Batum with the Blues, seems to have lost the confidence of his coach Tom Thibodeau, who still started the season in the starting five.

Finally, for those who thought that Brooklyn (12th in the East) was doing a little better, it was enough to see him crush (153-121) in Sacramento to be convinced that this was not the case.

The Nets, where Kevin Durant sailed (27 points), left the Kings strong with a fourth success in a row, with a 60% probability, and an unknown Terence Davis even offered himself 31 points (9 rbd) off the bench. The way of the cross continues for the New York franchise, ranked only 12th in the East after that 9th setback of the season.

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Source: L Orient Le Jour

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