BBC presenter to watch: Gary Lineker is more popular than Batman

Er is the hero this game needs: Gary Lineker, former football striker turned BBC TV presenter. If he was in the next Batman movie, Batman would be the bad guy.

His most recent act: on Twitter, he criticized the UK government’s proposed law that denies refugees arriving by boat off the UK coast the right to have their asylum claims processed, writing that the language “does not differ from what is used in Germany in 1930s”.

For the BBC on the mic

The BBC, which this winter boasted of Lineker’s criticism of human rights abuses in World Cup host Qatar, suspended him for an opinion piece he published off the air. In the new football language, one could probably say: tips or asymmetric morality.

At the end of this disproportionate debate, it was Gary Lineker who restored proportionality by tweeting that as difficult as the past few days have been, this is not like fleeing your homeland due to persecution or war. In the old football language, one could probably say: a direct hit.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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