Bielefeld relegated: Wehen Wiesbaden plays in the second Bundesliga

DThe football miracle did not come true: Arminia Bielefeld were relegated from the 2nd Bundesliga against Wechen Wiesbaden in the relegation match and had to face hard times. After an embarrassing 0-4 first leg that was marred by fan riots, East Westphalia lost 1-2 (1-2) in their second leg on Tuesday. For Arminia, this is the second descent in a row. The traditional club from the Bundesliga fell apart only in 2022. On the other hand, Wehen Wiesbaden were able to celebrate their third promotion to the second division after 2007 and 2019.

In the second leg in Bielefeld, Fabian Klos (4th minute) scored the only goal in favor of the hosts. Benedikt Hollerbach scored twice for Wehen Wiesbaden (35./45.+2). As soon as the Bielefeld players ran out to the stadium to warm up, the hostility of some fans sounded in their direction.

“We are Arminen, but you are not,” the followers chanted. For Arminia, it was all about limiting damage. Coach Uwe Koschinath made five changes to his starting lineup, including Klos’s identification piece in the starting lineup. It was worth it.

Far reaching consequences

An early 1-0 score brought back some support and self-confidence to Klos. Bielefeld accepted the duels and created scoring chances. On the other hand, Wehen Wiesbaden was dangerous in counterattacks. Hollerbach, who is associated with 1. FC Köln, used one of them for compensation. The 22-year-old scored his second goal shortly before the break. In view of the clear result four days earlier, there was never any real excitement.

The descent has far-reaching consequences for Arminia. Financially, the downturn has hit the traditional club hard, even though the Bielefeld-based side say they’re not worried about a license. In addition, almost all player contracts do not cover the 3rd division. A complete revolution is inevitable.

After all, scorer Clos wants to continue. “I don’t stop like that. This is my club,” the 35-year-old player told Sky microphone after the first match. In an excellent interview, Klos also sharply criticized his teammates and denied the nature of the team as captain. The game in Wiesbaden was about to be canceled due to Arminia fan riots.

Bielefeld professional Fabian Klos wrote the team off after the first leg and didn't return for the second leg either.

Bielefeld professional Fabian Klos wrote the team off after the first leg and didn’t return for the second leg either.

Image: dpa

Wehen Wiesbaden can now celebrate on his second try after a curious league final. The Hessians were already celebrating promotion with their supporters on the pitch on the last day of the third division match, but were then overtaken by VfL Osnabrück. The fans who were traveling with them had a big party in the away block during the game.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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