After the kissing scandal: Rubiales is no longer allowed to approach Hermoso

DAccording to media reports, the outgoing president of the Spanish Football Association RFEF, Luis Rubiales, denied the accusations brought against him in the kissing scandal when questioned by investigating judge Francisco De Jorge. However, a State Court judge ruled Friday that the 46-year-old man is only allowed to approach player Jennifer Hermoso within 200 meters and not have any contact with her, the court announced.

Prosecutors asked Rubiales to commit 500 meters and to appear in court every two weeks. The judge rejected that proposal, as well as Hermoso’s lawyer’s request to seize Rubiales’ assets as a precaution, according to the court.

De Jorge is investigating Rubiales on suspicion of sexual aggression and coercion for kissing world champion Hermoso on the lips without asking at an awards ceremony in Sydney in August. At his trial, the judge must decide whether Rubiales should be put in the dock over the kiss.

Rubiales claims Hermoso agreed to the kiss at the Aug. 20 awards ceremony in Sydney. However, the 33-year-old woman explained that she “felt like the victim of an impulsive, sexist and inappropriate act to which I did not consent.” Hermoso filed a complaint, which allowed prosecutors to file a criminal complaint in State Court. Although world body FIFA suspended him for 90 days shortly after the scandal and also initiated disciplinary proceedings against him, Rubiales has long refused to resign. Only at the beginning of the week did he draw conclusions and refuse both the position of president of the RFEF and the position of vice-president of the European Football Union UEFA.

However, the 23 Spanish players who won the World Cup in August and other leading players are apparently demanding further personnel implications from the association. According to media reports, they said they would not compete for Spain until there were further personnel changes at the RFEF association following the kissing scandal.

This will initially affect Spain’s Nations League games next Thursday against Sweden and on September 26 against Switzerland, state broadcaster RTVE and other Spanish media reported unanimously on Friday. The 41 athletes informed the association of their decision by telephone just hours before new coach Monse Thomé was introduced.

The players believe that the resignation of RFEF President Luis Rubiales, who kissed world champion Jennifer Hermoso on the lips without being asked, and the separation from coach Jorge Vilda were not enough. Among other things, they called for the dismissal of the association’s general secretary, Andreu Camps, as well as the press service staff, who, shortly after the awards ceremony in Sydney, issued a statement from the association in which Hermoso was told that she had not said what the Mundo newspaper had written Deportivo.”

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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