Jenny Hermoso accuses the Spanish Football Federation of intimidation and threats

Jenny Hermoso during the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Australia. Photo by AFP

Footballer Jenny Hermoso has accused the Spanish federation of “intimidating and threatening” world champion players by summoning them against their will to two Nations League matches.

On Friday, 15 of Spain’s 23 world champions said they did not want to return to qualifying, demanding a total overhaul of Spanish football authorities following the forced kiss of former federation president Luis Rubiales imposed on No. 10 Jenny Hermoso.

But on Monday they were still called up for the next Nations League matches by new coach Monce Thomé, who, however, left Jenny Hermoso on the sidelines to “protect” her.

The player, who currently plays for the Mexican club Pachuca, expressed support for her teammates. “The players are very clear that this is yet another divisive and manipulative strategy designed to intimidate us and threaten us with legal consequences and economic sanctions,” she said in a statement released on X.

Risk of fine and disqualification

Reacting to the coach’s words, Hermoso asked: “Defend against what or who? “, emphasizing that the same people who are looking for trust in the federation are “publishing today a list of players who asked not to be called up.”

The forced kiss scandal caused waves within the federation that led to Rubiales’ resignation and the sacking of coach Jorge Vilda, who was replaced by his number two.

On Monday evening, the majority of the Spanish national team players on strike, a few hours after the announcement of the first list of Montse Tome, confirmed their “desire not to be called up,” believing that the federation “is not in a position to require (their) presence. “

“I would like to express all my support to my teammates who were surprised today and forced to react to a new unfortunate situation caused by the people who continue to make decisions within the federation today,” Hermoso said again.

The players are summoned to Madrid on Tuesday and, if they fail to show up, face heavy fines and the loss of their license from the federation for between two and 15 years.

Source: L Orient Le Jour

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