Anger at HSV after defeat: ‘We played incredibly poorly’

DThe Hamburger SV is once again puzzling. After two defeats to two newly promoted sides, the North Germans dampened the enthusiasm that had just flared up around the club itself. Instead of jumping to the top of the table, you now risk falling out of the rankings. The season is still young, but with the last two matches causing concern, goalkeeper Daniel Hoyer Fernandez also sounded the alarm after a fearsome performance in the 1-2 draw in Osnabrück.

“We have a demand for ourselves, and today we did not live up to it. You have to say it very clearly,” the goalkeeper said after a lifeless performance against a previously winless promoted side on Friday night. A week earlier, HSV had already made a mistake against another league newcomer, Elversberg. But the North Germans seem to have learned nothing from their mistakes. “What happened in Osnabrück cannot be explained. After last week it should have been clear to us what it was all about,” said Hoyer Fernandez (30).

The fact that the goalkeeper was still the top hamburger said everything about the promotion favourite’s performance. After four wins and one draw in their first five games, HSV have already established themselves on their way back to League One. “From the first five games you would have thought we were through,” Hoyer Fernandez said. “But the last two games have shown us that we may have to go back to basics.”

“There wasn’t enough intensity”

The deeply disappointed HSV coach Tim Walter also demanded the same. “You have to ask yourself a question. This is what we do as a coaching staff and I expect the same from the players,” said the Hamburg coach. “Everything we did lacked intensity,” Walter complained. “We didn’t succeed at all today. We allowed ourselves to be deceived in duels. We were just really bad.” It’s about bringing quality to the pitch, “leaving your heart on the pitch. If I don’t do that, I’ll end up having such a bad performance.”

Walter seemed puzzled after his team’s disgraceful performance. In his third season at Volkspark, the 47-year-old still couldn’t shake his team’s mood. The HSV coach must now come up with solutions as quickly as possible, otherwise the mood in the Hanseatic city could quickly change. Next weekend, Fortuna Düsseldorf’s top team will travel to Hamburg under former coach Daniel Thiun. Walter and his players are now under maximum pressure.

No one was able to explain on Friday night where the sharp drop in performance came from after a good start to the season. “We have to do better,” captain Ludovit Reis said into the microphones. “We have already shown that we can do this, so we need to be very clear in our approach. “It’s simply not enough,” Hoyer criticized Fernandez. “We want more, we can do more, but at the moment we’re just not showing it.” Why this is so remains a mystery to HSV.

After striker Robert Glatzel’s 1-0 win (12th minute), HSV no longer looked like a contender for promotion. Erik Engelhardt, who scored the equalizer (16th), summed up the arrogance on Sky: “HSV thought it would be easier.” this class. Especially in front of 15,741 spectators on the Bremer Bridge. Only Hoyer Fernandez prevented a bigger defeat in goal, but he had no chance against the goal of Oumar Diajite (39th).

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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