Eintracht defender Max: “The truth always hurts”

NRationally in demand, at the international level only as a spectator: Philip Max experiences ups and downs. “Of course I would like to be there in the Conference League,” the Eintracht defender said on Wednesday after a morning session on the sun-drenched training ground. One: Coach Dino Toppmeller did not nominate Max in the summer.

If the playoff phase, which the Frankfurt football professionals have already completed, continues into the new year, the 30-year-old striker will want to be there again. Toppmeller can make adjustments – and, from his point of view, Max has personally done everything to become the first choice in Europe again.

In the core business of the Bundesliga he has been following this approach for a long time. With Toppmeller valuing tactical flexibility and variation and switching between a three- and four-man defense from time to time, Max has been a regular starter of late. Max doesn’t deny that he hasn’t always performed as well in the summer as the former international is actually capable of. “Maybe it’s your fault,” Max’s confidants told him after he wasn’t nominated.

“Additional training benefited me”

During conversations that were supposed to help him get out of the crisis, Max not only relied on his usual environment, but also turned to the psychological coach he had back in Augsburg. “After I wasn’t nominated, I stepped on the gas and started working extra shifts. “I’m 30 now. It’s not just that everything is so blurry,” Max said. The realization quickly dawned on him: “The extra preparation was good for me.” Reward: Max was in demand again. After a few short appearances and missing the Wolfsburg game entirely, Max has been back in the starting lineup for over a month now. He is also an integral part of a team that has not lost in the league since the end of September.

Of course, Philip Max also asked dad Martin Max for advice. “He knows how to get out of a crisis. Because later he even became the top scorer.” All the cards were on the table, and Max knew: “The truth always hurts.”

Therefore, after consultations, he realized that he needed to do more than before. “Now I have the inner greed and the inner hunger to get back to the top.” The three-time national team player overall said that all goals can be achieved. “Your inner bastard can get you ahead.” Even back to the first German selection? “The national team was my biggest achievement. I want to go there again.” Max understands perfectly how it works. “Just good games and good club.”

The “bitter disappointment” of not being selected for the Frankfurt Conference League team was painful, but is now a thing of the past. “I want to show that this was the wrong decision,” Max said belligerently. “Everyone here at Eintracht knows that you always have to give one hundred percent. Otherwise it will be cramped.”

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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