Eintracht Frankfurt: LKA investigation and calls for a peaceful football evening

NFollowing the riots last Saturday and ahead of Eintracht Frankfurt’s upcoming Conference League game on Thursday, police and the club are trying to prevent further escalation. On Monday, Frankfurt police chief Stefan Müller said he expected Thursday’s game to be played “professionally and moderately” – an appeal to both Eintracht fans and his own strength. Now you have to “provide a damping effect in all directions.”

The police themselves announced on Tuesday that they were taking fans’ claims of disproportionate violence “very seriously” and were investigating indications whether individual officers used violence beyond the legally permitted level as the event unfolded, particularly against them, witnesses. The investigation into this case has now been transferred to the Hessian Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Wiesbaden.

There, relevant cases are investigated and it is determined whether officials are guilty of causing bodily harm in the performance of official duties. These procedures will be outsourced to the Soko 2511 investigation. A special commission in the Frankfurt Presidium is now engaged in reconstructing what happened as a whole. According to FAZ, several hours of video materials are currently under consideration.

Meanwhile, Philipp Reschke confirmed to FAZ on Tuesday that the German Football Association’s control committee is investigating Eintracht over the events on Saturday.

Late on Monday evening, Eintracht Frankfurt, as the organizer, spoke about the incidents related to the club’s Bundesliga game against Stuttgart. Responsible Eintracht board member Philipp Reschke said that despite current events, it is now necessary to focus on the upcoming home and away games in the three competitions, especially the home game against PAOK Thessaloniki this Thursday.

Eintracht Frankfurt absolutely depends on all parties contributing to de-escalation and objectification. “We will be monitoring very closely the involvement of those involved. Every person shares the responsibility to ensure that we have a safe, peaceful and, above all, successful night of football,” Reschke said. Otherwise the game will play out just like any other.

In the wake of Saturday’s riots, Reschke criticized both law enforcement officials and the spectators involved. Eintracht also believes that the unrest was provoked by an incident at the entrance to the 40th block of the house turn. Security asked the club’s security officer to help after small groups repeatedly gained access, pushing security officers away. When the employee grabbed the arm of a man from a group that was attempting to enter the unit to confront him, he was immediately physically attacked by about 20 people standing nearby. He was able to get out of this situation only thanks to the support of a colleague who rushed to the spot.

Source: Frantfurter Allgemeine

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